SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The purpose of the SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to present a student prospective to the leadership of the conference. It also provides for a student-athlete response to proposed NCAA or SCAC legislation and communication and networking to represent the interests of SCAC student-athletes.

SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Constitution (updated March 27, 2020)

2016-17 SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Roster

Name Institution Sport E-Mail
Drew Bicknell Austin College
Erin Eckart Austin College
Women's Soccer
Desiree Frey Centenary College
Emily Harrison Colorado College
Women's Swimming
Justin Nguyen (Vice-Chair) Colorado College
Men's Track & Field
Keenan Gumbs Schreiner University
Men's Basketball
Jaimie Hughes Schreiner University
Women's Golf
Andrew Seymour Southwestern University
Men's Swimming
Tiffany Dziuk (Chair) Texas Lutheran University
Women's Basketball
Ben Marvin Texas Lutheran University
Rebecca Gordon Trinity University
Women's Basketball
Davis King Trinity University
Charles Buxton University of Dallas
Men's Lacrosse
Colby Madrigal University of Dallas
Women's Lacrosse