Mariana Quetzeri, Southwestern University, Women's Tennis

Mariana Quetzeri, Southwestern University, Women's Tennis

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – MARIANA QUETZERI  OF SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, a sophomore on the women's tennis team from San Antonio, Texas, has been selected the SCAC's Character and Community Female Student-Athlete of the week for the week beginning April 8.


Before coming to Southwestern, Quetzeri mentions going to church was something that she did growing up, so her faith carried with her as she started her freshman year playing tennis for the Pirates.

"Growing up I was really involved in high school and middle school church group. This has been something that I have been involved in for a while. 

She found a church in Georgetown to continue her faith and that was how she learned about how she could help out with middle school ministry.

After being asked by her minister at a conference her freshman year to help out with a middle school group, Quetzeri realized how much she liked talking with the group and what she wanted to do for a career. 

"It was really fun and I really enjoyed it, and that's how I decided that I wanted to be a teacher in the future."  

Quetzeri continues to work with her middle school group because she enjoys spending time with the group and being there to help them with the faith journey.

"I find so much joy in doing it and talking with the girls and hearing what they are saying and how intelligent they are. 

 Quetzeri also adds that as much as she helps them, they, in turn, teach her a lot about herself in her faith. While Quetzeri has many reasons for wanting to become a middle school teacher, her involvement in the group plays a big part in her future career.

"It has to do a lot with my faith and how I feel like that's what I am called to do, and volunteering with the middle schoolers my freshman year helped me realize that. 

In the discussion that she has with her middle school group, Quetzeri explains that is what makes her excited to go every week and keeps her going back.

"Middle schoolers are a tough group that a lot of people don't like but I really like them, and they are fun to be around."